VG-PD6722 is pin-compatible and function equivalent
to Intel SPD6722 (direct replacement)

About Amphus

Amphus is a Vadem spin-off.   Since its formation in early 2000, Amphus continues to sell Vadem ASICs.   Starting from the early 90’s, the Vadem ASIC team had developed many world renowned products such as the Power Management Chip branded and shipped by Intel, Single Chip PC used by the IBM Simon smart phone, HP Omnigo PDA, Seiko Epson SmartPad and a slew of other handheld and embedded products developed by companies like Intermec and Symbol Technologies.   The Vadem PC Card controller had become one of the standard chips in notebook PCs from leading manufacturers such as Dell.

The same Vadem team is now running the ASIC business at Amphus with a renewed focus, selling and supporting products that are no longer supported and available from other major semiconductor manufacturers.   Through the years, Amphus technical team has acquired a wide system experience and knowledge to assist and to support our customers.

Our new mission is to give customers more flexibility in deciding when or if they should redesign their products by providing them with a reliable supply of parts that are no longer supported by OPM.   Often customers’ production schedules and product plans do not match their vendors’ End-Of-Life schedules; as a result, customers are expected to purchase one-time inventories based on dubious forecasts.   Now, with continued supply from Amphus, customers no longer have to be overly concerned with short End-Of-Life notifications from OPM.   The financial hardship of carrying large quantities of products in inventory for future use will be minimized.   There is life after EOL.   Amphus will make all attempts to smooth out the transition and make it transparent to the customers.

Amphus is fully committed to this WIN-WIN-WIN strategy among Customers, OPM (Original Product Manufacturers) and Amphus.