VG-CD1400 is pin-compatible and function equivalent
to Intel SCD1400 (direct replacement)

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Amphus' business is to acquire the manufacturing rights of legacy products from OPM (Original Product Manufacturers) and deliver these (pin compatible and function equivalent) products to end-customers.   We guarantee our parts will perform identically to the original products so customers can feel safe to continue production of their existing products.  

With Amphus, customers who are already using these parts can prolong their product life without incurring the expenses of obsolescing or redesigning their products instantly.   There is no need to re-qualify these parts since the same silicon foundries and manufacturing processes by the OPM will be continued.   Furthermore, customers will continue to enjoy the same kind of quality support from us.   We are totally committed to work with all major semiconductor manufacturers and bring more legacy products into our product portfolio.

Please feel free to browse through our chip product page and find out what you need.

*** NEWS: Amphus moved to new location effective July 1, 2007 ***