Amphus delivers a complete line of Vadem chip products

Partner with Amphus

Amphus invites semiconductor companies to form a partnership with us in continuing sales of products that will no longer be offered and supported by you, the OPM (Original Product Manufacturers).   Amphus takes over all the logistics of product manufacturing, customer support and product quality assurance.   Amphus’ business model is based on a revenue sharing basis.   As a spin-off of Vadem, the Amphus team has both system and chip expertise to continue the sales and support of those products.   In some cases, Amphus can even take over manufacturing of the products with permission from the OPM.   These products can be manufactured under the Amphus logo and part numbers which will release the OPM from any product liability.   This approach will provide a triple win situation for all parties:

  • For the OPM, this partnership provides:
    - an outsourcing channel to offload the burdens with legacy products;
    - a revenue stream which will normally be terminated after the EOL, thus maximizing the companies’ profit;
    - an opportunity to redirect valuable resources to focus on new product developments.
  • For the customers, they can continue their product life cycles without having to stock up the parts and/or forced into redesigning the products which normally require an unexpected major upfront cash outlay.
  • For Amphus, an opportunity to help customers to bridge the gap following EOL issued by the semiconductor manufacturers while at the same time making a meaningful and viable business.

Amphus is looking for partners who are interested in working with us based on this mutually beneficial relationship. We are flexible and creative in working these partnerships and would be happy to design a plan to best fit your needs.   Please contact Amphus Partnership personnel.