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PC Card Controllers

The Amphus PC Card controllers are pin compatible and functional equivalent to the PC Card Controllers that are no longer supported and available from Intel, Basis Communication, Cirrus Logic and Vadem.

Amphus PC Card controllers are highly integrated, small form factor, power-efficient devices that support industry standards, including PCMCIA 2.1 and JEIDA 4.1, with ExCA* compatibility and ATA disk interface support.   They provide an efficient way to install software in a wide variety of products, including routers, bridges, network switches, servers, digital subscriber line access multiplexers (DSLAM), customer premises equipment (CPE) multi-service access devices, portable and wireless equipment, navigation systems, printers, and test equipment.   PC Card controllers provide a flexible, compact, and cost-effective software transport solution for communications devices and embedded systems that require a combination of field upgradeability, small form factor, and power savings.

Amphus family of single-chip PC Card controllers support dual PC Card sockets:

  • 1) VG-469 provides the ISA-to-PC Card interface,
  • 2) VG-PD6722 provides the ISA-to-PC Card interface,
  • 3) VG-PD6729 provides the PCI-to-PC Card interface.

All controllers include programmable features, including suspend mode, memory and I/O windows, and card access cycle timing.   In addition, Amphus PC card controllers are designed with sophisticated power saving features, including support for mixed voltage and automatic low-power dynamic mode.   Energy-efficient mixed voltage technology can reduce system power consumption by 50 percent or more compared to conventional designs.   VG-PD67XX dual-slot controllers feature ZV (Zoom Video) support for video and multimedia applications.

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PC Card Controllers:


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Basis / Cirrus Logic
Basis / Cirrus Logic

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Intel's SPD6710 Replacement Solution

VG-PD6722 device can be the answer to Intel's discontinued SPD6710 device.   Although VG-PD6722 device is not pin-compatible to SPD6710, it is functionally equivalent.   VG-PD6722 supports two PCMCIA sockets verses SPD6710 which supports only one.   Both devices have ISA Bus I/F.   The conversion to VG-PD6722 is simple and straight forward.   Only minor modifications are required in the PCB design and in the device initialization routine.   The rest of the device driver will not be affected.   Thus, software compatibility for the end-product is maintained.   All these modifications are totally transparent to the application software and the final system.

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