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VG-CD1400, Serial Communication Controller

The Amphus VG-CD1400 Serial Communication Controller is pin compatible and functionally equivalent to the Intel discontinued SCD1400 Serial Communication Controller.   With an easy interface to general purpose microprocessors and high port density, the Amphus VG-CD1400 serial controller provides a high-throughput multi-channel serial communications solution for remote access servers, POS terminals, and terminal servers.   Applications include data communications between terminals and central hubs, wide- area communications, management ports, and console ports.   By moving data efficiently from serial channels to the host system, the Amphus VG-CD1400 helps minimize system overhead, while supporting optimum levels of data throughput.   Each serial channel supports a data rate of 230.4 Kbits/sec.   Vectored interrupts improve efficiency by eliminating the requirement for status checks and enabling a direct jump into service routines.   The Amphus VG-CD1400 provides a flexible choice of either user-programmable or automatic flow control modes and supports "send special character", line break, and transmit delay.   In addition, the Amphus VG-CD1400 automatically supports special character processing for Unix-based line driver applications.

Product Overview

  • 4 full-duplex 230.4 Kbit/sec. serial channels
  • Optional parallel channel configuration with Centronics* compatibility
  • Automatic Unix* character processing
  • 6 modem control signals (plus TxD and RxD) per channel
  • Up to 60 MHz system clock
  • 100-pin MQFP package
  • Serial channel data rate: 230.4 Kbit/sec
  • Parallel channel data rate: 32 Kbytes/sec. On transmit; 105 Kbytes/sec. on receive
  • Parallel channel FIFO: 30 bytes
  • Serial channel FIFOS (per channel): 12 bytes for transmit and receive
  • User programmable and automatic flow control modes
  • Automatic special character processing for Unix line driver applications, including expansion of NL to CR-NL, support for LNEXT and ISTRIP, and five Unix parity- handling options
  • 6 modem control signals (plus TxD and RxD) per channel
  • Good Data* interrupts simplify software and reduce interrupt service routine processing time
  • Send special character, line break, and transmit delay supported

Lead-Free version of VG-CD1400 is available now.   It is a Pin Compatible and Functional Equivalent to VG-CD1400.   It has the same silicon die as in VG-CD1400.   The only difference is the package material composition for the package used. Lead-content and other non-friendly environmental substances are completely removed from the package materials.   Because of the material differences, solder reflow profile for VG-CD1400-LF is slightly different from VG-CD1400.   The VG-CD1400-LF is fully compliant to RoHS environmental standards.

Ordering Part Numbers:

  • Standard or Leaded Version:




(Intel - SCD140010QCJ)


(VG-CD1400 replaced both Basis Communication and Cirrus Logic product: CL-CD1400)

  • Lead-Free (RoHS compliant) Version:




(Intel - NA)

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