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System-On-A-Chip Products

The Amphus System-On-a-Chip (SOC) devices are pin compatible and functional equivalent to the System-On-a-Chip Devices that are no longer supported and available from Vadem.

Amphus SOC products are singlechip PC platforms that are highly integrated, small form factor and power-efficient devices.   They provide OEMs with an efficient means to develop cost sensitive DOS-based, handheld, consumer electronic products at the shortest possible time table.   Potential applications are smartphones, display phones, lost cost internet access devices, organizers, handheld POS terminals, GPS terminals, and other price and form-factor sensitive consumer products.

These devices contain a processor, all PC core logics and peripherals, memory controller, field-proven power management functions, LCD display controller, PC Card controller PCMCIA 2.1 and JEIDA 4.1, with ExCA* compatibility, keyboard controller/scanner plus more.

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*** Latest Date Code on All Products => 2006 and beyond ***