Amphus delivers Vadem VG330 singlechip PC device

VG-330, System-On-A-Chip Device

The VG-330 is a 32MHz single-chip platform which provides OEMs with a highly battery-efficient means to develop cost sensitive, DOS-based, handheld electronic products. VG-330 offers fastest time to market with available DOS based GUI solutions.   Potential applications for VG-330 are smartphones, display phones, low cost internet access devices, organizers, handheld POS terminals, GPS terminals, and other price sensitive consumer products.   The chip contains a CPU, all standard PC peripherals, additional high-value peripherals and a 16 bit AT style expansion bus.   Its integrated video architecture shows very fast video performance. Extensive and proven power management is also standard.

The VG-330 contains the latest NEC V30MX processor and also embodies a standard PC architecture combined with hardware and software features for rapid design of products with extensive ROM-based software.   PC Card 2.1; ExCA PC Cards are fully supported.   The VG-330 single-chip PC platform is a single 160-pin CMOS chip handling all PC functions including 16-bit CPU, LCD controller, keyboard scanner and PC Card controller.   All that is required for a basic system is the VG-330, memory, power supply, display and associated packaging.

Product Overview

  • Built-in x86 compatible 16-bit, 32MHz NEC V30MX processor offers a high performance single-chip solution.
  • Supports GUI solutions from Geoworks, PenRight! and other DOS based applications.
  • Unified memory architecture eliminates additional video memory requirements.
  • Single 160-pin thin QFP chip permits glueless implementation of a fully compatible PC. Local-bus video offers up to 9x the video performance of AT systems.
  • Field-proven, industry standard power management, based on activity monitoring, extends battery life.
  • Scans up to 101 keys without an external keyboard controller.
  • Integrated local-bus PC compatible LCD graphics controller with support up to 640x480 resolution. Supports a wide variety of standard and custom panel resolutions.
  • One PC Card 2.1 ExCA card slot support allowing “hot” insertion/removal.
  • Integrated serial port, real-time clock, dual programmable interrupt controllers and internal timer.
  • Support for DRAM, SRAM, PSRAM and slow refresh memory. Allows up to six 16-bit RAM banks.
  • Standard ICE capability simplifies debugging of system designs.
  • Serial infrared interface.

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