Amphus delivers Vadem VG469 PC Card Host Controller

VG-CD1865, Serial Communication Controller

The Amphus VG-CD1865 Serial Communication Controller is pin compatible and functionally equivalent to the Intel discontinued SCD1865 Serial Communication Controller.   It is a universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter with eight full-duplex serial channels, each has separate 8 byte transmit and receive FIFOs. By moving data efficiently from the serial channels to the host system, the Amphus VG-CD1865 reduces overhead and yields an eight-fold improvement in system throughput.

Product Overview

  • 8 full-duplex 230.4 Kbit/sec. serial channels
  • Independent baud-rate generators for each transmitter and receiver to support data rates up to 115.2 Kbps
  • Generation and detection of special characters
  • 5 modem/general-purpose I/O signals per channel
  • Up to 60 MHz system clock
  • Simultaneous interrupt requests for three classes of interrupts: Rx, Tx, and modem state changes
  • Sophisticated interrupt schemes, including:

  •   - Vectored interrupts
      - Fair Share interrupts
      - Good Data* interrupts for improved throughput
      - Simultaneous interrupt requests for three classes of interrupts: Rx, Tx, and modem state     changes
  • On-chip FIFO - 8 bytes each for Rx, Tx, and status FIFOs
  • On-chip flow control
  • In-band (Xon, Xoff generation and detection)
  • Out-of-band (DTR/DSR or RTS/CTS)
  • 100-pin MQFP package

Lead-Free version of VG-CD1865 is available now.   It is a Pin Compatible and Functional Equivalent to VG-CD1865.   It has the same silicon die as in VG-CD1865.   The only difference is the package material composition for the package used. Lead-content and other non-friendly environmental substances are completely removed from the package materials.   Because of the material differences, solder reflow profile for VG-CD1865-LF is slightly different from VG-CD1865.   The VG-CD1865-LF is fully compliant to RoHS environmental standards.

Ordering Part Numbers:

  • Standard or Leaded Version:




(Intel - SCD186510QCB)


(Also VG-CD1865 replaced both Basis Communication and Cirrus Logic product: CL-CD1865)

  • Lead-Free (RoHS compliant) Version:




(Intel - NA)

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