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VG-PD6722, ISA-to-PC Card Controller

The Amphus VG-PD6722 PC Card controller is pin compatible and functionally equivalent to the Intel discontinued SPD6722 PC Card Controller.   It is a single-chip solution that provides direct connection to the ISA (PC-AT) bus with two PC Card sockets.   PC Card interfaces are useful for supporting software updates, memory expansion, configuration storage and event logs, and both wireless and wire-line communications in applications including customer premises equipment (CPE), routers, network switches, remote access servers, DSL access multiplexers (DSLAMs), and intelligent hand-held devices.   The controller is optimized for embedded applications where reduced form factor and low-power consumption are important design considerations.   The Amphus VG-PD6722 controller with power control logic occupies less than two square inches.

The Amphus VG-PD6722 accommodates various PC Card functions including wireless, flash, and 10/100 Ethernet.   It is fully compatible with PCMCIA 2.1 and JEIDA 4.1 standards.   The controller feature mixed voltage technology that can significantly reduce system power consumption.   Suspend mode stops the internal clock.   Automatic low-power dynamic mode stops transactions on the PCMCIA bus, stops internal clock distribution, and turns off internal circuitry.   Fully buffered PCMCIA signals allow hot insertion and removal without requiring external logic to buffer incoming and outgoing signals, and allow power consumption to be controlled by limiting signal transitions on the PCMCIA bus.

Product Overview

  • Single-chip PC Card controllers
  • Supports single or dual PC Card sockets
  • Compliant with PCMCIA 2.1, JEIDA 4.1
  • 82365SL-compatible register set
  • Automatic low-power mode
  • Programmable suspend mode
  • Hardware-enabled super-suspend mode
  • 5 programmable memory windows per socket
  • 2 programmable I/O windows per socket
  • Programmable card access cycle timing
  • Supports 8- or 16-bit system bus interface
  • Supports 8- and 16-bit PC Card interface
  • Supports ATA disk interface
  • DMA support (Amphus VG- PD6722)
  • Card-voltage sensing
  • PC Card activity indicator
  • 3.3/5.0 V mixed-voltage operation
  • Dual socket: 208-pin MQFP and LQFP

Lead-Free version of VG-PD6722 is available now.   It is a Pin Compatible and Functional Equivalent to VG-PD6722.   It has the same silicon die as in VG-PD6722.   The only difference is the package material composition for the package used. Lead-content and other non-friendly environmental substances are completely removed from the package materials.   Because of the material differences, solder reflow profile for VG-PD6722-LF is slightly different from VG-PD6722.   The VG-PD6722-LF is fully compliant to RoHS environmental standards.

Ordering Part Numbers:

  • Standard or Leaded Versions:




(Intel - SPD6722QCCE)
(Intel - SPD6722VCCE)


(Also VG-PD6722 replaced both Basis Communication and Cirrus Logic product: CL-PD6722)

  • Lead-Free (RoHS compliant) Versions:




(Intel - NA)
(Intel - NA)

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