Amphus delivers direct replacement for Intel SPD6729

VG-469, ISA-to-PC Card Controller

The VG-469 is a compact, highly integrated PC Card controller chip implementing the latest revisions to the PCMCIA/ JEIDA specifications alongwith ExCA™ extensions.   It’s register set is a superset of the Intel®82365SL.   Supporting two PC Card sockets, it is uniquely designed for space-limited, cost-sensitive applications where battery life is an important factor. For systems requiring more than two sockets, the VG-469 can be cascaded to support up to four sockets without external logic.   With external decoder logic, unlimited cascading is possible.   Typical VG-469 applications include small notebook computers, palmtops and other personal information devices, as well as docking stations for portable computers.

The VG-469 supports the system bus timing of standard ISA and EISA architectures, including those based on the Intel 386SL.   A programmable configuration mechanism allows the system manufacturer to control many PC Card setup parameters in software or firmware.   The VG-469 supports mixed voltage operation and is compliant with the new PCMCIA low voltage card interface specification.   The ISA bus and each of the two PC Card sockets can be independently operated at either 3.3V or 5V.

Product Overview

  • 208-pin chip provides full ExCA/PCMCIA implementation of two PC Card sockets.
  • Register-compatible with Intel 82365SL.
  • Supports both memory cards and I/O cards (miniature peripherals).
  • Supports PCMCIA-ATA hard disks and semiconductor disks.
  • Memory-saving execute-in-place standard (XIP).
  • Supports overlapping I/O windows across sockets and duplicate I/O cards via *INPACK signal.
  • Cascadable up to four sockets without "glue", unlimited cascading with external logic.
  • Five mappable memory windows and two I/O windows for each socket.
  • Internal buffering supports "hot" insertion and removal of cards.
  • Individual socket power control to supply the right voltage for each different type of PC Cards.
  • Integrated timer supports power management based on activity monitoring.
  • Power saving with windows inactivity.
  • Mixed voltage operation - supports the new PCMCIA 5V, 3.3V or X.XV card interface specification.
  • Optional buffer direction/enable controls for buffered cable driving.
  • Optional support for PC Card DMA operation.
  • Socket activity LED support.

Lead-Free version of VG-469 is available now.   It is a Pin Compatible and Functional Equivalent to VG-469.   It has the same silicon die as in VG-469.   The only difference is the package material composition for the package used. Lead-content and other non-friendly environmental substances are completely removed from the package materials.   Because of the material differences, solder reflow profile for VG-469-LF is slightly different from VG-469.   The VG-469-LF is fully compliant to RoHS environmental standards.

Ordering Part Numbers:

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